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Texting and Driving word is becoming very common now due to the number of incidents happening every year mainly for accidents due to texting while driving. The number of teens hitting the road every year is increasing and with the advancement in technology for chat and distraction is making it more difficult. Therefore, it become very much necessary to have good texting and driving solutions or texting while driving apps that helps to avoid distracted driving on the road. There are number such apps for texting while driving available, but we need to get the best solution for texting while driving.

Some Statistic that makes it necessary to have distracted driving solutions

texting and driving solutions

Texting and Driving Solution

  • In 2013 alone, 3,154 people were killed in car crashes involving distracted drivers.
  • On June 8, a report was released stating that Tennessee bus crash that left two young girls and a teacher’s aide dead last December was the result of texting and driving. James Davenport, the driver of the bus, was found dead in his home on June 1
  • The National Safety Council estimates that in 2013 alone, 1.1 million crashes involved using a phone, and the Transportation Department counted more than 3,000 deaths and 400,000 injuries caused by distracted driving that same year.
  • 40% The percentage of teens who say they have been a passenger in a car whose driver used a cellphone in a way that put them in danger.

These are only few of the data about distracted driving that causes 3000+ deaths almost every year.

The solution to the above problem is to have the best distracted driving solution or texting while driving apps that can help to avoid such situations. We have listed below few of the best in the market apps for distracted driving system or solutions which you can check for yourself or your teenage kids.

Best Apps for Texting and Driving solutions

TextArrest app: This apps has got some really nice features like notifying the parents whenever the teenage or the driver overrides the text arrest function, travels outside the set geographic area or exceeds the speed limits set in the app. This app also helps in event of an emergency with parents notification feature.

Canary is a free app that puts all the information in the hands of the parent. It offers text notification any time a child texts, tweets, or answers a call while driving. Canary will also provide notifications when the teenage driver exceeds a certain speed or goes outside a set perimeter on the map, so you’ll always know that your child is where they’re supposed to be.

CellControl is a unique program that is designed to disable only the driver’s phone, leaving other passengers free to use their phones normally. CellControl prevents behaviors that have been defined ahead of time: texting, taking selfies, using social media accounts, and playing games, among others. It can also be set to simply monitor usage to determine whether or not a teenage driver is using their phone responsibly.

TextLimit prevents predefined features on a phone from functioning when the phone is moving above a certain speed. Once the phone goes back under the predetermined speed, the Text Limit restores all features and they are fully functional once more.

Install Distracted Driving Apps and Enforce Safety during driving

These texting and driving solutions and apps can be very helpful for saving many life. They are your kids. It is your responsibility to care and take necessary steps to keep them safe. By installing these apps, you can enforce driving behavior even when you aren’t there to look and guide. This is just a life saving app that is really becoming very much necessary now a days.