3 Key Features of the Best Distracted Driving Apps

Distracted Driving Apps and Solutions

There are many drivers who are well disciplined to avoid the use of cell phones when driving. Then there are millions of other drivers who simply can’t fight the urge to check the text message or respond to a call when behind the wheel. If you have failed to fight this habit despite trying many things, it is time to start using some reliable Distracted Driving Apps. Distracted driving has become a big concern for parents with teenaged driver. The right type of app can help you keep your teenaged child safe when driving by blocking all texts and calls. Such apps can send out automatic replies and prevent the need for picking up the phone.

Features of Distracted Driving Apps

Distracted Driving Apps and Solutions

Distracted Driving Apps and Solutions

Distracted driving causes loss of thousands of lives every year due to texting and Driving. Using the right app can make a huge difference in ensuring your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. Some of the main features you can find in these types of apps are as following:

1. Block Texts & Calls

The right Distracted Driving Apps can block both calls and texts when you are driving. They are GPS enabled and can automatically detect when you or your teenaged kid is driving a car. From the moment you get behind the wheel to the moment you get out of the car, it will not allow you to check texts or respond to calls.

Such apps can also send back automatic replies to let the senders or callers know that you are driving. This can further help ensure that the other person doesn’t feel that you are avoiding their messages. Once you have reached the destination, you can check your phone and respond to the calls and messages.

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2. No-Cell Zones to Help Parents

Parents can also use such apps to set up no-cell zones and prevent their teenaged children from being distracted at school. Even adults can set up such zones for their workplace. This can allow you to focus on your work and avoid spending time on responding to calls and texts.

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3. Monitor Location & Generate Reports

Parents can also use such Distracted Driving Apps to keep track of their children. In fact, some apps can provide much more than just the tracking function. You can also get reports about:

  • Driving duration
  • Driver behavior
  • Current location & location history
  • Speeding

Based on these reports you can take steps to ensure that your loved one follows safe practices.

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Such Distracted Driving Apps can allow you to prevent both yourself and a loved one from using the phone when driving. The automatic reply feature works as an excellent tool to let the other side know that you are behind the wheel. An increasing number of drivers and parents are realizing the hazards of texting and driving. Using basic functions like putting the phone on mute have proven to be mostly ineffective in preventing this problem. Thus, it is much more reasonable to find an app that provides the best of all the features mentioned above to increase your safety.