Cell Phones Use While Driving – Mobile Phones And Driving Safety

Impaired Peripheral Vision

When it comes to cell phones use while driving, many people think that the only danger associated with texting while driving is keeping one hand off the steering wheel. The lack of attention is an even more hazardous thing. You are more likely to be distracted for longer duration of time when the texting or conversation is emotionally charged. Even if you take your eyes off the road for a few seconds, your vehicle would have travelled hundreds of yards. Most people continue to use their cell phones despite knowing the hazards associated with it.

Cell Phones Use While Driving

Cell Phones Use While Driving

Cell Phones Use While Driving

Many people continue cell phone use while driving under the impression that nothing will happen to them. Using phones can impair your peripheral vision. This is just like the use of horse blinkers. Studies show that there is more limitation between visual field when using and not using cell phones. This is because your brain neurons are involved when you pay attention to anything. Texting and driving solutions also applies when you are using a cell phone. Thus, there is serious lack of attention when using a phone while driving.

Legal Risks

Most states prohibit their drivers from using cell phones when driving. It is important in most states to drive with care. If you are involved in an accident due to cell phone use while driving, you could be held liable under different aspects of law. This could also mean breach of duty to drive with care. Your lack of attention can be seen as a cause of the accident, which can mean that you could be held liable for all the damages and injuries involved in the crash.

So when you drive around, make sure to put your cell phone away or use some app to prevent you from using your phone altogether when driving. There are apps that can prevent texting and phone calls. They can also automatically send replies to inform senders that you are busy driving.

Texting And Driving Apps

Many studies show that cell phone use while driving causes vision and attention impairment without concern you use a handheld or hands-free device. When you use cell phones, you have to pay all your attention to it, no matter whether you are texting or receiving a call. Thus, your mental resources get divided between driving and using the phone. And this can cause impaired driving performance.

So hands-free phone use doesn’t work as an effective or safe way to use cell phones while driving. It has almost equivalent degree of risks compared to using the phone with your hands.

Using an App

It is much safer to use an app that stops altogether from using your phone. Such an app will detect your vehicle’s motion and will prevent texting or phone calls. The only way you could use your phone is to stop the vehicle. Such apps are a boon for parents who want to keep an eye on their teen’s location, driving behaviour, and speed while at the same time preventing them from using the phone.

Thus, there are many serious reasons why you should avoid cell phone use while driving.