3 Texting and Driving solution Strategies to Keep You Safe

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Distracted driving contributes to almost 20% of all injuries or deaths in road accidents. Unfortunately, it is something that is completely preventable. Thousands of people lose their lives every year to this needless malady of a habit. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it is highly likely that you must be texting at least once a day while driving. Here are 4 Texting and Driving solution strategies you can use to overcome this bad habit and save limb and life in the long term.

Texting and Driving solution Strategies to Keep You Safe

Texting and Driving Apps_Solutions

3 Texting and Driving solution – Keep You Safe

1. Turn Off Your Phone

Your safety is more important than taking any phone call or replying to any message. So turning off your phone doesn’t have to be a big deal. It can be a great Texting and Driving solution. It will be best to put the turned-off device in the back seat. If it’s out of your view, you will almost forget it when driving. If you need to make an emergency call, the only way will be to stop your car to pick the phone.

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2. Put the Phone on Do Not Disturb Mode

If you find it uncomfortable to switch the phone, you could simply put it on Do Not Disturb mode. This is an excellent Texting and Driving solution if you can keep your phone face down or away from your sight and reach. Many people are addicted to their phones and start feeling uneasy when they are unable to access their phone. A strategy can be to turn on your favorite music so that you can have something else to indulge in, instead of texting. If you are like addicted the something, it is always considered a good strategy to replace it with a positive vice.

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3. Choose a Reliable App

There are many people who have already used the above-mentioned strategies and failed. You failed to stick to the methods despite your best efforts. This is why it makes more sense to choose a reliable Texting and Driving solution. Even as a parent you can never be certain that your teen will always stick to the above-mentioned methods. You will always be worried despite the best of assurances from your child.

It can be set to prevent the driver from texting or using the phone when driving or even when in a no-cell zone such as workplace or school. Such apps can send automatic text replies to let people know that you are driving or in a no-cell zone.

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This, distracted driving is completely preventable with the help of the Texting and Driving solution given above. The key is to succeeding is to break the habit of texting all the time. Engaging in other healthier activities can help draw your attention away from texting. If you cannot succeed with strategies like switching off your phone or putting it in Do Not Disturb mode, it will be best to choose an app. Choose these strategies and ensure everyone’s safety including yours when you are behind the wheel.